2009年より、女性らしく自由に表現できるベリーダンスに魅せられ、レイラヒロミ先生のもとで6年間学び、京都の能楽堂で開催される先生のショーを含め、数多くの舞台に出演してきました。さらにたくさんのことを学びたく、2015年よりTamalyn Dallalさんの開く上海での1ヶ月ワークショップとショーに2回参加し、研鑽を積みました。その歴史や文化、さらなるベリーダンスの魅力を発見し、今、自身の表現を深めています。その中で出会ったペルシャダンスをさらに学びに、2016年にはアメリカのニューオーリーンズへ短期で留学・ショーにも出演しました。・・・そのルーツはペルシャ帝国が中東の多くの国々を支配していた時代に遡り、その文化は今でもそれぞれの国に影響を残しておりもちろんベリーダンスにも関係があります。神秘的であり面白い歴史と文化を持った中東の国々の”ダンス”を踊り、学ぶことは自分の人生をカラフルにし、また1から考えさせてくれるパワーを持っています。年を重ねても、日々驚きと発見のあるクリエイティブなダンサーでありたい。

~ Bellydance is my dream & my life ~

Since 2009,I've learned bellydance from Leilaa Hiromi for 6years.I took part in many shows include her shows which is held every year at traditional place-Nogakudo- in Kyoto.To learn more I attennded 1month workshop&the show in Shanghai 2 times.The teacher is Tamalyn Dallal.I studied the dance and the history and the culture , I found many fascination so now I'm polishing my dance and expression.Since 2015 I've also learned "Persian Dance"-the roots date back to Persian Empire which dominated most of the middle eastern countries at that time.The culture infuluence to them even now, of course to bellydance.I learned it in America from Shahrzada Khorsandi and took part in her show.These oriental dance are misterious and they have many interesting history and culture.Dancing these dance makes my life colorful and let me think my life from the beggining. If I will get order I want to live the creative  life with surprise everyday. As a instructor,I will make such a lesson which everyone can enjoy their dance and life.

about Bellydance Lesson











I'm teaching bellydance for 5years as a professional dancer it's for 2years.

My lesson is unique and polite.Many students continue dancing at my school.

In each lesson,I do"basic" it's very important for this dance.

It is said that basic makes bellydance high quality .

After that we learn about music,expression and the culture little by little.

So far I made annual show in 3years,we suceeded so much.

Also you have chance to dancer at the show.Mainly beginner danced at choreography and advance students danced with more expressive one.

In 2016 I learned in Shanghai's workshop a lot and also I coude learned expression from Chinese friends .

So I will make my lesson more cultural and expressive.

If you are beginner ,as I will help you Let's enjoy dancing together.Please come.