Mashaal and Liat Hob

Last week I went to Wada teacher fingercymbals WS.
It was so excited!
And I reviewd that. Also added simple dance...very very difficult with movement.
I have some questions. Anyway, until next, I will practice it more (o^^o)

This morning, I was watching Mr.Karim Nagi's DVD.I took his WS this May at Shanghai. That big finger cymbals‥ his sound is very fun ! very ‥立体的 .Music  sounds really colorful .Also natural and authentic.Cool !

I have good teachers . Just do it★

Ayako ★ ベリーダンス

あなたがあなたらしく輝けるように。 フェミニンなベリーダンスの世界へようこそ! 京都市内・大山崎・城陽のおしゃれでキレイな教室で、海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます。