Finger Cymbals

Today , I went to Osaka to learn ”finger cymbals”.Bellydancer use it for dance.

About how to play ”finger cymbals”, there would be each dancer's way though I have 3 favorit teachers.

One of them is Tamalyn.
She uses it when she teaches ”rhythm”.
Also her simple way is very useful to see whole dancing, I think.

2nd teacher is Karim Nagi.
I love his amazing finger cymbals dancing.
Also not only the technique he can teach how to play it in a music. It's very important and I have to learn more.

Last teacher is 和田啓.
He is req player.
I'm learning from him once a month.
He teaches us about ”groove” ”feeling of rhythm” and how to play it of musician.
In fact it's very interesting and I love it.

My decidion of this year is continueing.

Ayako ★ ベリーダンス

あなたがあなたらしく輝けるように。 フェミニンなベリーダンスの世界へようこそ! 京都市内・大山崎・城陽のおしゃれでキレイな教室で、海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます。