Relax life 成都

One of my friend lives in 成都.
This city is famous for spicy foods.
My friend loves Yoga and meditation ,she sleeps at early night and gets up at usual morning.

This time I went to her city at the first time. Before I thought ”成都 is a little big city” because although it's said 成都 is really big city my friend is not like busy city girl. And I found 成都 is more city than 上海.

Many people are fasionable. Girls and boys both. And city is beautiful and many people  sleep late. My friend said 成都nese don't mind tommrow they just enjoy now.

And she took me to old style tea afternoom. We had nothing to do. Of cours we have plan at night but it's after nows things finish. It's ok to be there until anytime.

This uncle's job is cleaning ears.
Like that, our time was almost forever.

Next day had also tea time, there was a pot of hotwater.We could drink forever.

We heard a news which my friend cut her every long hair last winter.We were too surprised and worried about her so much.

But she said that it's not big things, also other friends in 成都 were surprised very little.

Relax in 成都 is almost amazing.

It's like a PANDA🐼
But I love 成都 and I want to go back soon...

Also hot pot is my favorite。

What do you think?

For me relax is verv beautiful.

ベリーダンス京都 Ayako Bellydance

基礎から学べる京都ベリーダンス スクール。 女性の身体を活かしてフェミニンに 楽しく素敵に踊りましょう♪ 年齢問わず体験していただけます。 京都市役所前・京阪三条・四条大宮・ 大山崎・城陽の教室で、ダンサーとして 海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます。