Tibet smell Incense & butter チベットはお香とバターの香り

At first day of Lhasa tour,we went to potala palace & sera temple.2nd day was more than first day.This is depun temple.

In front of here there were many Tibetan Buddhists.They did 五体投地.This is their style to pray.


That day was raining...
Their hard style to pray never end although I watched for a while.

The smell of butter lamp would have last since many centuries ago,,,
Even if it's new thing which was rebuild after destroing by culture revolution ,it looks old because butter covered it as like it past many centuries...

Inside, we couldn't take photos and this is from upstairs. You can see potala palace.


It is said that depun temple was built on a  lake . We could watch the picture how to build and many buddhism statue and tumes of many Dalai Lama.

Middle girl was our tour guide.
She studied tibet from her childfood .
It's by tibetan monk.
She is tibetan and tibet Buddhist.
She told us many many stories .In fact I recorded some. 

小さいころからチベットの勉強をし、それは色んなお寺の僧侶からで博識です。もちろん彼女もチベット人でありチベット仏教徒で、数多くのお話をしてくださいました。その半分ほどを 録音させてもらいました。

There were many many people but half of them were tibetan Buddhist . That's why there's feeling was ”one”.I felt really comfortable.. It's big study for me.

たくさんたくさんの方がいたけど半分は本気でお参りに来てる方々。だからその場の 気 は一つで、あんなに混んでるのに気持ちが清々しかったです。


ベリーダンス京都 Ayako Bellydance

基礎から学べる京都ベリーダンス スクール。 女性の身体を活かしてフェミニンに 楽しく素敵に踊りましょう♪ 年齢問わず体験していただけます。 京都市役所前・京阪三条・四条大宮・ 大山崎・城陽の教室で、ダンサーとして 海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます。