Beyond something

Forget who I am...
In the Tamalyn's WS, to learn about sufi, we did something with forgetting myself.
It's very interesting and difficult for me.
For example when with music I walk to a stage , if I can do this with empty mind or not.
I'm not me, just to be a human or existence. 
Or to say more simle ,whether I can walk very natural ^ ^
About this, same with anytime.
Empty is interesting.
Also I like to have myself.
I am me, I am spicy, I am a happy girl.


基礎から学べる京都ベリーダンス スクール。 フェミニンに楽しく素敵に踊りましょう♪ 文化を学んでいくことで心も豊かに。 京都市内・大山崎のおしゃれでキレイな教室で、 海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます♪