Around mountains


Today I could join local tour with 5chinese people. 

At first I went to Tarl temple.
Although there were many tourists there were also tibetan people . Yongyong and I  prefered more quiet place. I met friendly kind people.
gentle and fasionable lady.
they were from other temple.
Our car drove for a long time.
This was on the way.
Today was not sunny day..
How cute this child and baby goat are♡
I'm happy to see these tibetan flags.
And Qinghai lake , we arrived.
It wasn't blue in fact due to this wethere.
I felt strong cold wind and nature there..
I took fanvail but still the wind was too strong to them.
It's the largest lake in China like sea.
This was ... real color...not blue...
Everytime it changes and changes.
That's why I love nature .
Good luck for everyone from my heart 
and from Qinghai lake of Tibet🙏

ベリーダンス京都 Ayako Bellydance

基礎から学べる京都ベリーダンス スクール。 女性の身体を活かしてフェミニンに 楽しく素敵に踊りましょう♪ 年齢問わず体験していただけます。 京都市役所前・京阪三条・四条大宮・ 大山崎・城陽の教室で、ダンサーとして 海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます。