Dance together !

Today is relax day😄
We went to quiet temple.

After that we went to city side of Dunhuang.

We try local massage. A lot of works, that's was great !

by hair is very interesting !
I love Dunhuang foods♡

Suddenly we challenged stage dance in park festival.
dance dance ♪
dance dance ♪
A fter all we met new friend.

Just have fun ‼️


基礎から学べる京都ベリーダンス スクール。 フェミニンに楽しく素敵に踊りましょう♪ 文化を学んでいくことで心も豊かに。 京都市内・大山崎のおしゃれでキレイな教室で、 海外でも活動を広げるAyakoが教えます♪